Focal Length

One thing I struggle with and is not used enough.  Is changing the default  focal length of the Lightwave camera. 

This is important in Sci-Fi Space shots to give your ships a sense of scale.  If  there is a 5000 ft long battleship it should look like it.  

 Wide angle lenses are going to make your ship look bigger and show more of the surrounding space i.e. your pretty nebula.  They give your shot more depth.   As you move into normal and telephoto lenses from a wide angle lens your field of view becomes smaller and the subject appear more shallow.  Bringing the objects in the scene closer together.

I have some images I did today of the Rodger Young to illustrate this and some  long time ago when I was testing focal lengths.

The Babylon 5 shots really illustrate the importance of using different lenses. 

The Rodger Young images you can see how the length of the ship becomes squished as I moved to telephoto lenses whereas the wide angle shots make the ship look much longer.  The nebula also goes from being a sprawling nebula to a blue blob.

They all have there place in your space battles.

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