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Asteroids A La Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The other day I wsd being whimsical and made this quickly in LightWave as a little joke to post on Facebook and 3D Gladiators.  After it turned out so well. I wish I spent more time on it.  I suppose if I did it would just totally look like the game and would lose the charm of what I was doing it for.  

Asteroids was and is one of my all time video games.  As a child…actually preteen I was in The Children’s Hospital at Stanford for a prolonged stay. They had a playroom with Asteroids.  Which didn’t need quarters. Would play that forever.  That and Pool. On a real table.  

Ahhh memories.

Anyway I did the image quickly . Like an hour. Most of which was spent lookking for the Points2Polys plug in.  Which I seldom use and seems to move every time they revise LW.  Or I just forget. I think they’ve renamed it too before, but that could be another plug in.Image

Asteroids Continued

ImageI got to sit down yesterday and work on my asteroidfield shot some more. It’s coming along. I’ve added a little specularity to the asteroids which I like. I think I’ll tone that down a little though. 

The weapon fire was done with the Worley labs plug-in Tracer. The explosion is tried and true stock explosion mapped in a polygon.  Added a yellow point light to give the illusion of light from the blast.

As far as the completed image there are a few more items to come. The most important of which is the ship. I want to build and texture my own starfighter. 

I’ll post again with changes.