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Gerry Anderson 1928-2012


Gerry Anderson was the man behind  “Thunderbirds Are Go”“Thunderbird 6” “Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons,” “Stingray,” “Supercar” and “Fireball XL5, ”“U.F.O.,” “Space 1999.” who’s work I greatly admire passed away. 

A visionary that will be missed.


So the images are by me.  My tribute I did the other night. Just a couple hours on them  There was another image I did first but the Hypervoxel smoke looked odd.  I turned on motion blur for the other two images.  Flares are just flares with central glow on and anamorphic streaks and  anamorphic distoration.  Royaltie Free cloud stock image.  Matched lighting.  Just three lights.

Ray Harryhausen heroes and legends

The other day I posted about some artists that inspired me.  I wanted to post about a major influence on me who probably will not be  a big influence on future generations directly although he should be.  Unfortunnately I believe the films of the great Ray Harryhausen and his FX will be too dated and “hokey” for them. 

The mythological tales and fantasy tales featuring his stop motion fx were brillant.  I was fasinated as a child and still am now.  I have everything he did.  As a teen I did some stop motion on 8mm film and then as a young adult with a videocamera.  Then I moved into 3d animation.  I give alot of credit to  Ray Harryhausen for that.   Harryhausen put  heart and soul into his work and it shows.  That is something many of todays CG artist should do. 

Artists That Inspire Me

 With the deaths of some of my favorite Sci-fi artists I thought I would post some of my favorite “Sci’fi” artists.  They have all been an inspiration to me.

Ron Cobb

Ralph McQuarrie

Chris Foss

Jean “Moebius” Giraud

Syd Mead

H. R. Giger

Doug Chiang

Stephan Martiniere

There are many others, but these are all coming to my head right now.

I’ll cover my love for Ray Harryhausen at another time.