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Giger Update 2

Still pushing and pulling points.  I’m close to getting the body right although it doesn’t look like it.   Need to taper the horns more and put a more of a twist to them.  Smooth out an area or two.  Trying to figure out the shape I want to go with.  All the reference materials look different. 

The starboard horn gave me trouble the oval shaped bit on the top of it is tricky.  Almost started from scratch.  

I’m going to try and do as much modeling as possible instead of faking what I can with texturing.   We will see.  I might end up with two versions.


Giger Update 1

I did some point tweaking.  Not sure i like the end result from today.  I pretty much decide after my hour of tweaking I was going to do that over.  Looking at it now and some of the reference material I see what I want to do now. 

I also took a minute in photoshop to make a quick texture map and put it on the model.  Used it as a bump map too.    By no means the final texture map.

Alien Derelict or Prometheus Juggernaut


Here I go.  I started working on something I wanted to build for a while.  H.R. Giger’s Derelict Alien Ship from 1979’s Alien.  One of my favorite films.  It’s a different kinda of build for me being an organic design.  I’ve put in about 5 hours building it and like a half hour on the shot above. 

So I just started on the model.   I have a long way to go.  Lots of the model detail large and fine  is not there yet. It’s not textured yet.  Just slapped on a procedural texture for the test image.