The Deep & Scuba Diving


When I was a kid I saw The Deep on TV.  Which I credit as the film that made me want to learn to scuba dive. I’m sure there were other tv shows and films also, but that was the film.  I do still find moray eels scary. I did see one on one of my first dives. Which you as actually cool. 

I love scuba diving.  It’s the closest I will ever get to being in out space. To floating in zero gravity. Floating weightless. Silent. Calm. Peaceful.  Beautiful fish. Brilliant colors.

I once dove with sea turtles. Like 100 sea turtles all around me
All you could see. Water and sea turtles. Some three feet long. It was like swimming with dinosaurs. It was one of the mist amazing beautiful things I have ever seen. 

I was watching the deep and I thought I’d share that.

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