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Do or do not…

Okay so I said I would be posting with a nice new update today.  However last night did not go well.  However I’m posting anyway since I said I would. 

I was not happy with the way somethings were going but I think I was just trying to work too fast for one.  The other problem was  one that i thought was there but looking at the tutorial and wireframses of Taranis’s model I don’t think it’s really a problem.  Which is between using 100 or 180 sides on the secondary hull.  Where the tutorial says 100 but also says  180 or 200 is better.   So I went with 180, but I was thinking the tutorial was done with 100 and was messing me up with the other parts.  but I dont think thats the case. 

Also need to follow the tutorial to the letter and not take shortcuts. 

Anywhoooo think I’m ok.

1701 texture test and more modeling

Haven’t got to put in much time on my Enterprise over the  last few days.   Tonight I will be able to spend alot of time on it so tomorrow I believe I will have completed alot more modeling.  So tonight will be more pushing and pulling of points. 

Been having some issues with this model.  Making it with too many polygons.  So I might go back and redo some of what I have.  Which will fix some other problems.  Which will mean more pushing and pulling of points and all that all over again which is tedious in the first place, but it’s what we signed on for right?

I did a little texture test.  I know the lettering on the ship isn’t impressed or debossed  into the hull, but it looked kinda cool so I left it for the test.  The lines and text are just the line drawing blueprint used as a bump map and color map.  There is a texture map as the specular and diffuse maps.   Just a test end results will vary.  🙂


NCC 1701 Modeling

I have begun building the Enterprise using the recentally released Taranis tutorial.

I am 8 hours in and have made some headway.   Looking good so far.  I might rebuild some sections.  

So far to go.