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Vids on Photobucket

So I am adding my Photobucket account since I finally got some vids on there.  They are just tests and such.  and my stalled Black Hole Project vid.

I also put a quick test I did with a plug in I found that does light trails like the effect seen in AKIRA.

In through and beyond

A rip in the very fabric of space and time.

So this image (i was going to post a vid but it’s way too big) is from my stalled Black Hole project.   I’m replicating the exterior ship shots from the begining of the film when the Palomino  discovers the Cygnus in space.  Pretty much  shot per shot sans the interior/character shots.  I am torn because I would like to go back and redo the lighting and use different camera lenses.  I was trying to do it all close to the original movie but I think I’d like to fudge that and make it more dynamic.

The Palomino model is by Taranis a.k.a Gerard Duffy  and the Cygnus is by Treybor a.k.a. Sean Kennedy.