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The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Last night I sat down at the computer and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.   Well there it is.   I just loaded p the spider and made a wood table top for him to be on.  And played with Depth of Field.  Didn’t quite get what I wanted out of it. 

So today I went through my giant binder of Lightwave tutorials I have compiled and found some on DOF that would have helped greatly last night.

P.S.  I have another binder of Lightwave Space Tutorials.

Viper vs. Raider WIP

Still image from my Viper test.   Getting there.  Need some flares , particles and debris.  Need to work on scale and all.  Just kinda a little glimpse as to what I’m heading for with my little test.  Which is a little animation test.

Will give credit later I had put that info on the still but then I didn’t save it.  DERP!

The Tumbler? Oh you wouldn’t be interested in that.

This is just something I thought I would do for someone special… yes that’s you if your reading. 

The alley is all by me.  Models and lighting.  Did it a while back and I and i wanted to put the Tumbler in something so I just loaded it in .  I didn’t change the lighting the lighting worked great how it was.  Only thing I did was postion the Tumbler.

I will edit this later to give credit to the Modeler who made the Tumbler.

Vids on Photobucket

So I am adding my Photobucket account since I finally got some vids on there.  They are just tests and such.  and my stalled Black Hole Project vid.

I also put a quick test I did with a plug in I found that does light trails like the effect seen in AKIRA.

Getting Frakkin’ there!

So what has changed?  Well I took a look at the show.  And saw some things I had done wrong.  Like the cannon fires red rounds.  Actually the tips are red and turn to red so I created a whole new tracer round.  They aer also staggered and not synched so I changed that.  The thrusters are not blue there white or maybe a very light blue almost white.  So changed all that. 

Still the rounds in the video aren’t up to my liking.  In the still image you can see they are staggered, but in the video because of the speed they are traveling they look side by side. 

That is using three round bursts.  Still need to figure out continuous fire which is what they use on the show mostly.

Viper MK2 by Sean Kennedy

Viper Firing Test

These renders are from a test I was doing using Tracer for the cannon fire.

Some things that caused me to pull my hair out was the wagonwheel effect or stroboscopic effect.  Where each new round was replaced in space by the next round causing the rounds to look like they are moving backwards or not moving at all. 

I overcame this by using three round bursts instead of  continuous fire.

I do have matching flares at the gun barrels, but they do not produce light.  They will next time.  Was focused on the other aspects.  I knew I was leaving it out.

The rounds will be red next time and the flares too.  🙂  Like the show.

Motion blur at 30% with particle blur. 

Viper MK2 by Sean Kennedy