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Gerry Anderson 1928-2012


Gerry Anderson was the man behind  “Thunderbirds Are Go”“Thunderbird 6” “Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons,” “Stingray,” “Supercar” and “Fireball XL5, ”“U.F.O.,” “Space 1999.” who’s work I greatly admire passed away. 

A visionary that will be missed.


So the images are by me.  My tribute I did the other night. Just a couple hours on them  There was another image I did first but the Hypervoxel smoke looked odd.  I turned on motion blur for the other two images.  Flares are just flares with central glow on and anamorphic streaks and  anamorphic distoration.  Royaltie Free cloud stock image.  Matched lighting.  Just three lights.


Ugh.  That’s me too many projects. 

I have started work on a scifi ship for a project.  I will be building the models and animating the space scenes.  Right now I’m working on the main ship.  I am building it off a practical model built by the writer/director.  I’m not posting pics of the ship or the practical model until I get permission from the writer/director.

On  hold now is the Alien Derelict, but I will get back to that.  Also a shot per shot remake  the space shots from the beginin of The Black hole.

Also another project of my own that I am still working out.