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Giger Update 1

I did some point tweaking.  Not sure i like the end result from today.  I pretty much decide after my hour of tweaking I was going to do that over.  Looking at it now and some of the reference material I see what I want to do now. 

I also took a minute in photoshop to make a quick texture map and put it on the model.  Used it as a bump map too.    By no means the final texture map.

Alien Derelict or Prometheus Juggernaut


Here I go.  I started working on something I wanted to build for a while.  H.R. Giger’s Derelict Alien Ship from 1979’s Alien.  One of my favorite films.  It’s a different kinda of build for me being an organic design.  I’ve put in about 5 hours building it and like a half hour on the shot above. 

So I just started on the model.   I have a long way to go.  Lots of the model detail large and fine  is not there yet. It’s not textured yet.  Just slapped on a procedural texture for the test image.  

Mr. Worf, you do remember how to fire phasers?

About 100 feet from my door on the way home I thought HEY! I’ll do the phasers with the phaser arrays lighting up.  So here are some stills from the vid.  Was doing it from memory. 

P.S.  In the vid the phaser sweeps across the screen.  Oh yeah.  The Voyager model is by SAROD.

Just feel like posting something.

Simple asteroid field test.

I did this a few …well probably several months ago now.  Haven’t gotten back to what it was actually for.  In the video test the asteroids are moving and rotating.   Needs a lot of work, but it was a test.  Pretty satisfied with the test though.

This is also from months ago.  Going old school with the effect.  Using a model  to create volumetrics.  No actual volumetrics.  Just a lens flare.  Voyager model.   Shadow model.

“Streaming Stars”

Ok so at warp in Star Trek they aren’t really stars.  What you see is space debris  lit up by the passing warp bubble. 

The thing here is that I did this effect a billion years ago and had no issues.  however every time I have tried to do it again I couldn’t get it to work.  I found the old tutorial I used and it didn’t work.  I’d periodical try it again.  Same problems.  I could tell what was going wrong, but couldn’t fix it.  Finally I figured it out again and what was wrong with the tutorial.   Point is SUCESS!

This is from a 10 second AVI I did.  The effect looks really good in the video.

Underwater Caustics

I threw this together quickly yesterday to show a fellow 3d user what I was thinking.   I used a water caustics image as a projection from a light.  Bring the light up so it uncompasses the ship.  I also use d the same light as volumetric with the same image.

Hope it helps.

Background color same as fog color.

Up and Running

… This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.

Got my computer running again.  So I played around a little yesterday.


Computer Down

Awesome.  My computer is not working.  So great.  I have been unmotivated and tired from work and the new promotion.  Now ready to go back to creating art and computer doesn’t work. 


Can’t do art can’t write.  Sigh.

Sorry I haven’t posted lately.