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You’re Not Actually Going Into An Asteroid Field Are You?

AsteriodFieldNew2014A copy
At long last I am working in Lightwave again. I’m excited about doing art again. My computer is back on. Also after not having the the Web or Cable at home for several years the net has made a long awaited return to our home.

I have been wanting to do an asteriod field image/shot for some time. I started the asteriod field sometime ago. I wasn’t happy with it though. Now with life settlinv down again I thought I’d get back to it. Evil Genius a great modeller at 3D Gladiators posted a convinentally timed tutorial for an asteroid field. So i tested it out and this is whst I got.

Now when I get time I’ll refine my asteroid field and add the ship I need to build and a few other things.

You’ll see.