“Streaming Stars”

Ok so at warp in Star Trek they aren’t really stars.  What you see is space debris  lit up by the passing warp bubble. 

The thing here is that I did this effect a billion years ago and had no issues.  however every time I have tried to do it again I couldn’t get it to work.  I found the old tutorial I used and it didn’t work.  I’d periodical try it again.  Same problems.  I could tell what was going wrong, but couldn’t fix it.  Finally I figured it out again and what was wrong with the tutorial.   Point is SUCESS!

This is from a 10 second AVI I did.  The effect looks really good in the video.

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I am a CGI artist and animator my program of choice is Lightwave by Newtek I have been using it since around 1996. I am a film and music fan. Some of my favorite films are Alien, Blade Runner, The Crow. Casablanca, Out of the Past, Outland, L.A. Confidential, Time Crimes. I was born and live in the Unitied States View all posts by 0x0y0z

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