Asteroids A La Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The other day I wsd being whimsical and made this quickly in LightWave as a little joke to post on Facebook and 3D Gladiators.  After it turned out so well. I wish I spent more time on it.  I suppose if I did it would just totally look like the game and would lose the charm of what I was doing it for.  

Asteroids was and is one of my all time video games.  As a child…actually preteen I was in The Children’s Hospital at Stanford for a prolonged stay. They had a playroom with Asteroids.  Which didn’t need quarters. Would play that forever.  That and Pool. On a real table.  

Ahhh memories.

Anyway I did the image quickly . Like an hour. Most of which was spent lookking for the Points2Polys plug in.  Which I seldom use and seems to move every time they revise LW.  Or I just forget. I think they’ve renamed it too before, but that could be another plug in.Image

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I am a CGI artist and animator my program of choice is Lightwave by Newtek I have been using it since around 1996. I am a film and music fan. Some of my favorite films are Alien, Blade Runner, The Crow. Casablanca, Out of the Past, Outland, L.A. Confidential, Time Crimes. I was born and live in the Unitied States View all posts by 0x0y0z

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