Vipers and Volumetrics

Starbuck: Why can’t we use the starboard launch?
Tyrol: It’s a gift shop now.

These are frame grabs ( I know!  Why didn’t I just Render a frame? Or take them from my Image sequence !) from a animation I did last night.  It was just a flyby, but I was testing out my “local space” and volumetric thrusters.

Motion blur at 30% with particle blur.  Wish I could find a good way to post vids.  Still working on that.

Viper MK2 by Sean Kennedy

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I am a CGI artist and animator my program of choice is Lightwave by Newtek I have been using it since around 1996. I am a film and music fan. Some of my favorite films are Alien, Blade Runner, The Crow. Casablanca, Out of the Past, Outland, L.A. Confidential, Time Crimes. I was born and live in the Unitied States View all posts by 0x0y0z

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